April 2019

What a night paying our bi-monthly visit to the The Frog & Toad in Coral Bay to meet and thank all our Bingo supporters.

We are continuously humbled when receiving an envelope of cash for the Charity – in this case Euros 1500 – and honored to meet such wonderful, happy & enthusiastic people.

The donation: Euros 700 from the Bingo fans, Euros 800 from all who sponsored landlord Darren Bourton for his teetotal in January and February during the course of which he lost a huge 23lbs! SO well done, Darren!

It was lovely to see Annie Bourton again with super smile and able to gatecrash an amazing 88th birthday party with an innovative Bingo cake!

Additionally, the SMHC ‘little blue house’ collection box that sits on the counter at The Frog is one of our best collection boxes, if not the best with a whopping Euros 88.44. This is the second collection of approximately this amount in 2019!

We can always tell the quality of the contents of our collection boxes; not by the weight as you might perhaps expect, but by the fact that the really great ones contain notes, not cents, making them very hard to empty! Yes, the F&T box had only 22 cents in 1 cent pieces, 50 in 2 cent pieces and not many 5 cents – but Euros 10 in notes plus so much more in Euro coins. Humbling indeed.

So thank you all the guys at the Frog & Toad; the Charity is SO, SO grateful.

This money when banked will form part of the cheque the Charity gives to Archangel Michael Hospice … EVERY SINGLE MONTH, to support their great work.