It is not often that we receive a single donation of such a great size, which will cover nearly 10 days in one of our suites for a patient, and so makes a fantastic contribution to improving quality of life at the Archangel Michael Hospice.

It is exciting that this donation has been made to support our 305 member Team SMHC in the 21st. Cyprus Marathon, with the proceeds going to our SPAN ( Support A Nurse) initiative.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Paphos Property Professionals and their clients and in particular Stella Demetriou for putting this together.

Andrew Lauder | Chairman 



Our company is officially PP Paphos Property professionals  Ltd

My first encounter and dealings with St Michaels Hospice is when one of our tenants, a 96 year old lady called Leonora North ended up in the Hospice. Unfortunately she was there for quite a while as she had no relatives here in Cyprus and no one to look after her, she could definitely not look after herself.  Her son had come all the way  from America, made all the arrangements for her passing, but had left no provision for her living as long as she did. I visited Leonora often and saw how well she was being taken care of, regardless of the unorthodox manner in which her son had dealt with matters.

When she finally passed, the night nurse at the time, Lynn, made sure that she was not alone.

This made a huge impression on me and also made me realize what an important role a place like St Michaels does play in the community.

Since then, we have had another 2 family friends attending St Michaels, Norma sadly passed away and Gawie is still battling cancer.

I have my 80 year old mother living with me and daily I thank God that she is healthy and capable enough to still take care of herself, but I can see old age taking its toll and the  frailty of the human body is a very scary reminder that at any point we could all need the assistance and care of a place like St Michaels.

When Chris, head of our accounts department, and I discussed running a campaign for charity donations, we decided unanimously that St Michaels would be one of the charities, due to the great work it does and its importance in the community. The Renal unit was a definite elect as well, as Graham Brown is a personal friend to our office and he too runs a very worthy cause.

As we are all animal lovers and we have had personal dealings with the animal welfare, we chose them as the 3rd charity, again, a very worthy cause that does make a difference in the wonderful little village – Paphos.

The main reason being, we wanted to be able to give something back into our community. All 3 the nominated charities do that daily.


Kind Regards, Stella Demetriou