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February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Members,

2021 Membership Notice

We informed you in our December Newsletter that in order to renew your Membership for 2021 you will need to complete a new application form, which is currently available in our shops. The deadline for applications given at that time, before the current lockdown, was 15 February 2021.
Now that we are in lockdown again we are writing to inform you that we have extended the deadline for 2021 Membership applications to 28 February 2021. Please print off the Application form below which we would ask you to complete and visit our shops at the end of the current lockdown to deposit it along with your 5 Euros subscription. Application forms will also be available in our shops when they reopen on the 8th February 2021
You should remember that if you do not complete the application form before 28 February then we can not legally count you as a 2021 Member and so you would not receive any future communication from us, such as Newsletters. In addition you would lose your right to attend and vote at any EGM/AGM during 2021 (we expect to run an AGM in March/April). You can of course join later in the year if you wish.
We would love to have you as a Member again so please do complete and return your application form before 28 February.
Best Regards and stay safe
Your St Michael’s Hospice Charity Board


Application for Membership 2021

Application Form

Please complete this above form and visit any one of our Charity shops. Upon payment of our annual membership fee of €5,00 per applicant, a receipt will be issued. If the application is declined in accordance with the SMHC Constitution, a full refund will be made.
I acknowledge this application is made in accordance with the SMHC Constitution which I have read. I confirm in my view that I meet the criteria for membership, and agree (to the extent applicable) to follow the terms of the SMHC Constitution.
I note that SMHC will treat all my personal information private and confidential, and that I have the right to inspect, update or correct my personal information upon reasonable notice.
I understand that in signing and upon acceptance I will become a legally registered member of the Charity eligible to vote at any AGM or EGM to which I am invited and expected to attend whenever possible subject to personal circumstances. I confirm that I am a fit and suitable person to become a member and have not been found guilty of any crime or moral disgrace.

December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Members,

2020 has been a most challenging year in more ways than one. The impact of Covid 19, like so many other businesses, has had a major impact on our fund raising efforts.

But first, the Board would like to apologise for the rather unfortunate and unprofessional AGM that was held earlier in the year. Since that time a number of changes to your Board have taken place and we have progressed on a number of issues such that, we have no need to call an EGM prior to next years AGM. This will be held on the 24th March 2021 (time and venue will be advised in due course), Covid willing.

We hope you will find this newsletter informative and of interest.

Board Changes. At The AGM a number of your Directors decided to give up their roles so a new set of Directors is now in place. Both Keith Smith and Chris Peet have retained their Directorships from 2019 and they have now recently been joined by David Hart, David Richards, Val Sheepwash and Bernard Fleming. All Directors will likely be seeking reelection from you at next year’s AGM. We hope that you will see from the items below that the Board is doing its absolute best to ameliorate a disappointing year and maximise our funding effort in support of the Archangel Michael Hospice (AMH) in addition to, formalising our legal position in Cyprus. 

Our Shops, having lost several weeks of sales during the lockdown earlier in the year we are struggling to achieve the amazing sales we enjoyed in 2019. Their sales have been the backbone of the regular monthly donations we make to the AMH which in themselves, contribute circa 33% of the annual operating costs of the Hospice. Whilst we have been seeking ideas from our amazing volunteers as to how we can increase those sales, we have not been seeing a positive uplift in all shops with the exception of our shop in Geroskipou. 

We cannot thank all our shop managers and volunteers enough for all the hard work they do freely. They have kept to the task and we could ask no more from them.

Our Events, both our flagship annual events; the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and 5 Km Fun walk and our golf tournament at Elea Resort were cancelled. These two events raise over €20,000 and is a most valued source of income. 

Donations to the Charity have also been under pressure. Our blue charity collection boxes that many will see in shops scattered around Paphos have not been doing so well which is not surprising given shop and  bar closures (please note that in some locations, the boxes are hard to find since the space occupied is being used as disinfection points). Two new volunteers have stepped forward to manage and collect the money raised from our “blue boxes”. This will see new and invigorated organisation which will review existing and future locations resulting in an increase in our collections from this source.

We have been blessed with financial donations. Our shop in the harbour area seems to attract some cash donations for which we are most grateful. We also are very grateful to an anonymous donor who has a direct debit for €10 each month. We also are most grateful to another donor who transfers €1000 each year in November. All these donations make such a huge difference. If any of our members feel they can afford to make small regular donations to the Charity, our bank account details are at the end of this newsletter.

Donations to the Archangel Michael Hospice in 2019, our shops and fund raising efforts resulted in us being able to donate €143,800. This was just over 50% of the income the Hospice needs each year for its running and day to day maintenance costs. Of this, our shops alone made a net contribution of €108,476 so the significance of funds raised through our annual events cannot be underestimated.

Charitable Status .The Board is pleased to confirm that all the paperwork required to process our full charitable status is now with the Paphos District Office. We are hopeful that we are now on the finishing straight having experienced a number of additional hurdles since we started the process in 2018. Full credit must be given to our new lawyer Ms Marilena Kaiser who has done a wonderful job helping us overcome these hurdles.

Charity Membership. Under the new constitution, members must renew their membership annually which is valid for one calendar year only. In order to attend and vote in any AGM or EGM, attendees must be members of the Charity and registered with the Paphos District Office (PDO). 

Our shops will shortly be able to process your 2021 membership applications. This you must do no later than the 15th February 2021 as membership details will be collated and submitted to the PDO for approval. This will ensure we can legally hold our AGM in March. 

Note: In strict accordance with the new Constitution, 2022 members must register and pay their subscriptions from July 2021 through to the end of December 2021. 

Membership Process. You will need to complete a new membership application form and present this along with a €5 annual subscription per person. Your application will be processed and approved by the Board upon which your membership will be confirmed. 

Your personal details will be maintained and kept secure. We have appointed a new board member whose responsibility is solely to manage this and any legal issues associated with our Constitution. From our updated list of members which must be submitted annually, a revised and updated mailing list will be created. 

New members are always welcome and can join at any time. Their voting status will be affected however. We will as a matter of course update our membership lists quarterly and submit those to the PDO. Once accepted, new members will be able to vote.

The Future Our 2021 business plan for our charity is close to completion. With just a few strategic steps to include and we will have a plan of action to enable us to fulfil our future funding goals for The Archangel Michael Hospice. We look forward to your continued support and contribution for the coming year.

Very recently we heard from Logicom that the Paphos Logicom Marathon will be postponed from March until Dec 5th 2021. That gives us much more time to plan this event and maximise our funding objectives. Are you intending to walk or run in the 5k or 10K? Then you have more time for your training regime!

We have confirmed our Annual St Michaels Hospice Golf Competition at The Secret Valley Golf Resort 6th June 2021, Blevins Franks will be our main sponsor on the day. We want to secure sponsors for each hole including "Nearest to the Pin" and the longest Drive with a cost of €150 per hole. Each golfer will get his/her own sponsor to raise much needed funds for the Hospice.

We have just opened our brand new shop in Agapinoros. This is our 6th shop and is modelled on the success we have seen with our shop in Geroskipou. With a fair wind behind us, we are hopeful to boost our net contributions in the region of €24000 per annum which will make an enormous difference to our shop revenues.

We have lots to achieve in 2021 and with energy and enthusiasm from current (and future hopefully) volunteers, members and benefactors, we are hopeful to at least equal our record breaking year of fundraising in 2019.

Donations Continued. If you are in a position to ameliorate our shortfall in Charity revenues, please consider making any small donations you can afford. As the UK Supermarket Tesco slogan says. “Every little helps”. Please help us to support the fantastic work which the Archangel Michael Hospice does for those approaching “end of life”. Thank you most sincerely.

St Michael’s Hospice Charity

Account # 511-01-438550-01

IBAN # CY84 0050 0511 0005 1101 4385 5001


New Board Members Your Charity is always looking for new board members who can bring added value to the current Board of Directors. In particular we are looking for someone who can help and organise fund raising events. These are crucial if we are to boost our donations to the AMH. The Hospice will be in need of more income as building maintenance costs increase over time in addition to medical equipment and so on. We are also looking for a Charity secretary to help with the administrative side of all we do.

We hope you find this Newsletter of interest.

Finally, with Christmas a few days away, the Board would like to thank you for your support and wish both you and yours a very happy and peaceful Christmas. 

Keep safe and help keep this awful virus at bay and under control.

With our very best wishes


Your Board of Directors
St Michaels Hospice Charity